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AN American Black Cross Chapter  or Youth Unit

Step 1: Form an Organizing Committee

An organizing committee must be made up of 3 to 10 people.

Step 2: Meeting of Organizing Committee.

In the first meeting, the committee should review the requirements for obtaining a charter. A prospective unit must have at least 10 members for youth unit or 25 members if it is a branch before it can form. A letter of recommendation from the President must be obtained

Step 3: Submit Charter Application Packet

Charter application packets should be emailed to:


Packets should include a cover letter request a charter, the required letters of recommendation, and the entirety of membership fees collected from the initial people solicited. Contact ABC headquarters approximately ten days after mailing charter application packet to get the anticipated date of when the American Black Cross National Board of Directors will review your application.

Step 4: Executive Authorization.

Once approved, the Organizing Committee will receive a letter from the National Office granting your unit Executive Authority to engage in the work of the ABC. Membership cards will be sent to the members included in the charter application packet; these people will become your charter members. You will also receive a handbook for planning and hosting your first, official organizational meeting.



Step 5: Planning your Organizing Meeting

Your president and charter members must receive notification of the date, time and location of your initial Organizing Meeting. Your local community should also receive notification through various public outlets such as newspaper placement, schools, churches, etc.

Step 6: Host Organizing Meeting

Your initial Organizing Meeting should provide new members with an understanding of the structure and history of ABC. At this meeting the newly formed unit will elect officers and begin the discussion of unit activities.

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